Information Technology and Digital Media Studies
Prof. David Golumbia
University of Virginia
Fall 2004

Lab Assignment 1. Personal Web Page

This assignment involves technical skills, conceptual skills, and some sensitization to design and communication issues. The assignment is to assemble any kind of simple web page that conveys something about you: it can be a traditional "personal home page" or any sort of variation on the theme. The page should have at least one image and should include at least one hypertext link with your email address. Think of the web page as a virtual snap shot or portait of you or some aspect of your character. What is it communicating? How is it doing this? Is this what you want it to communicate?

Technical skills:

Conceptual issues:

Best and Worst Criteria

Project timeline: Your Personal Web Pages are to be finished and submitted by the beginning of lab during the week of September 27. You will have a group critique and discussion of your pages next week and be introduced to the Resource Site project. IF you are having trouble with your web page project, please be sure to come to lab this week and get assistance. You are only being asked to do the simplest page, you do not need to have images, dancing bears, vibrating banners, pop-up ads, or any other special effects. You only need to demonstrate that you know how to use HTML, to read code, and to make a simple, clean design.