MDST110 Electronic Coursebook for Students
Information Technology and Digital Media Studies
Prof. David Golumbia
University of Virginia
Fall 2004
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7. The Internet and the World Wide Web

Mon Sep 27, 2004

The history of the network underlying the Internet and its development at ARPA; terminology of the Internet; the rise of the World Wide Web; the web as a business; computing other than the web in the 1990s and 2000s.


II. The Internet: Technical Infrastructure

III. The World Wide Web

IV. On the Web

V. Off the Web


Study Questions

  1. What do you think the web might have been like if it had never been privatized?
  2. Is the Internet actually a good system for surviving a catastrophic attack? This is a good question to research on the web.
  3. Do you think the Internet or the web would have come into being without the aid of the Defense Department? If so, in what form might it have emerged?
  4. What aspects of human life might the Internet or the web "amputate," the term used by Marshall McLuhan in "The Medium Is the Message"?

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