MDST110 Electronic Coursebook for Students
Information Technology and Digital Media Studies
Prof. David Golumbia
University of Virginia
Fall 2004
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14. Digital Communication: Email, IM, Bulletin Boards, Wireless

Wed Oct 27, 2004

An overview of the many ways computers are used for interpersonal communication, including new forms and forms that mimic or simulate older forms. We pay close attention to the convergence of network technologies and telephony, which is now much more wide-spread in the world than the Internet per se.

I. Email

II. Bulletin Boards

II. Instant Messaging


IV. Wireless Communication

Study Questions

  1. Have you ever owned and used a cellphone? Did you leave it on all the time? Why or why not? Do you still do this? What do you think about being available all the time?
  2. What is the current status of the RFID controversy? What do you think is a reasonable usage of this technology?
  3. What roles do society at large and people in general, rather than technologists and corporations, play in making decisions about the directions in which technology is going?
  4. What do you think about the world of Minority Report?

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