MDST110 Electronic Coursebook for Students
Information Technology and Digital Media Studies
Prof. David Golumbia
University of Virginia
Fall 2004
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19. Video Games and Computer Games

Mon Nov 15, 2004

History of computer-based games, including video, arcade and console games that use computer components as well as games played on full computers. An overview of some of the first extremely popular games that caught public interest, especially arcade games. Discussion of the ways users interact with computers when they play games and some general directions for cultural research in video games. A few prominent social themes in current games.

I. Early History

II. The Gaming Revolution

III. Engaging with Computer Games

IV. Cultures of Gaming

Study Questions

  1. What relationships can you see between the D&D-style "races" and race as we understand it in real society?
  2. Why and in what ways is it satisfying to perform an activity in a computer game that one finds onerous or boring in real life?
  3. How much game playing is enough? How do we know?
  4. How are games similar to movies or books? How are they different?

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