MDST110 Electronic Coursebook for Students
Information Technology and Digital Media Studies
Prof. David Golumbia
University of Virginia
Fall 2004
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20. Game Genres: RPG, FPS, RTS, MMORPG

Weds Nov 17, 2004

A discussion of the concept of genre and overview of the major computing game genres, followed by class member game demonstrations.

I. Genre

II. Game Genres


Study Questions

  1. Where do genres come from? How is it that games have developed into the genres they have?
  2. How is playing a contemporary computer game similar to, or different from, watching a movie?
  3. What parts of the real world are replicated in, for example, RPGs? What parts are left out?
  4. What understanding of the self is implied in an historical RTS like Age of Empires or Civilization?

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