MDST401-1 (Schedule # 11751)
University of Virginia
Spring 2005
M 1:00pm-3:30pm (Clemons 322A)
Mr. David Golumbia
Office: 304B Bryan
Spring 2005 Office Hours: Tues 2-5 & by appt

Fourth-Year Seminar

Our reading this year will be largely derived from core texts in cultural studies of media, with special attention to the class bases of cultural production and consumption, as well as the role of the cultural and personal imagination, gender and racial representations, and the relationship between popular and elite or "high" culture. We will look in particular at formations of subjectivity, and for the last third of the class will read closely some poststructuralists, including Baudrillard, Deleuze and Guattari, Foucault, and Virilio. Students will summarize each reading as we move through discussion. Written requirements for the class include two 4-5pp. response papers and a final 13-15pp. paper. In addition, before spring break groups will prepare 15-minute presentations on media objects chosen from different genres (tv, film, radio, and several others) that reflect on the questions raised by the reading, and after spring break we will spend the second half of each class listening and responding to these presentations as a group.

Required texts (available at UVa Bookstore)

Recommended texts (available at UVa Bookstore)

Texts on toolkit


Evaluation will be largely based on written exercises as follows:

Week-by-Week Syllabus

Mon Jan 24. Class 1. Introduction: Theory of Culture

Mon Jan 31. Class 2. Cultural Reception

Mon Feb 7. Class 3. Cultural Form

Mon Feb 14. Class 4. The Subject in/of Culture

Mon Feb 21. Class 5. Class and Culture

Mon Feb 28. Class 6. Class Distinctions

Mon Mar 7. No class. Reading period.

Mon Mar 14. Class 7. Gender and Cultural Form

Mon Mar 21. Class 8. Races in/and Modernity

Mon Mar 28. Class 9. Power 1

Mon Apr 4. Class 10. Power 2

Mon Apr 11. Class 11. Simulacra

Mon Apr 18. Class 12. War and Representation 1

Mon Apr 25. Class 13. War and Representation 2

Mon May 2. Class 14. Summary and Final Discussion


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