MDST110-1 (Schedule # 3026T)
University of Virginia
Fall 2005
MW 2:00-3:15 :: 108 Clark Hall
Mr. David Golumbia
Office: 304B Bryan
Fall 2004 Office Hours: MW 9:45-10:45am, W 12:30-1:30pm, & by appt

Information Technology and Digital Media Studies

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Lab Instructors

Discussion and Lab Syllabus

The discussion and lab sections for MDST 110 are intended to provide students with an opportunity to discuss issues and ideas from lectures in greater detail among a smaller peer group.

In addition, lab time will be used to instruct students in the basics of HTML and Web-based information architecture, which will be result in the creation of three projects: a web page, web site, and a case study website. Lab goals are summarized as follows:

Web skills: basic to intermediate HTML and web design, navigation, organization, writing for the Web medium

Writing/analytic skills: understanding arguments, writing syntheses, making an argument

Research skills: finding and assessing sources, classifying/organizing information

Participation: generating shared understanding of informed, diverse viewpoints and promoting intellectual community among peers

Grades: All grades are based on assessment criteria relevant to the project AND on the student’s participation in class. Web page 10%, Web Site 10%, Case Study 10%, Participation 10%

Lab Assignment 1: Personal Home Page: Demonstrates basic HTML skills for creation and design of a home page. Criteria are logic, design “look”, and effect. All MDST 110 students must demonstrate that they can make a web page from HTML to pass this class. Each page must have at least one live url, and a direct email link to the student.

Lab Assignment 2: Computer Media Resource Site: Investigates navigation and information structure in a web site of at least five pages designed for a work of media about computers. The work can be a work of fiction (movie, novel, television program), but non-fiction is also acceptable. The Criteria are content, design, organization, navigation.

Lab Assignment 3: Case Study: An in-depth study of the impact of digital media on a particular area of contemporary culture. Criteria include content, design, organization, navigation, credibility of sources, writing, argument, and contribution to understanding. Students may work in teams, but each will be individually responsible for a presentation of the material in web format.

Week of Monday August 22: Discussion & Lab 0

Week of Monday August 29: Discussion & Lab 1

Week of Monday September 5: Discussion & Lab 2

Week of Monday September 12: Discussion & Lab 3

Week of Monday September 19: Discussion & Lab 4

Week of Monday September 26: Discussion & Lab 5

Week of Monday October 3: Discussion & Lab 6

Week of Monday October 10: Discussion & Lab 7

Week of Monday October 17: Discussion & Lab 8

Week of Monday October 24: Discussion & Lab 9

Week of Monday October 31: Discussion & Lab 10

Week of Monday November 7: Discussion & Lab 11

Week of Monday November 14: Discussion & Lab 12

Week of Monday November 21: No Discussion or Lab (Thanksgiving Holiday)

Week of Monday November 28: Discussion & Lab 13

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