MDST 315/ENSP 315/ARTH 368 (Schedule #40573/406D0/406GK)
University of Virginia
Spring 2009
TR 2-3:15pm :: B031 Cabell Hall
Mr. David Golumbia
Office: 449 New Cabell Hall
Spring 2009 Office Hours: T 3:30-4:45pm; R 12:30-1:45pm

New Media

A survey of the variety of media forms and objects that might reasonably be called new media. (As we'll also discuss, there is enough dispute about the meaning of the term itself that determining whether a particular object is new media or not is not as easy as it sounds.) We will focus in particular on creative and cultural objects, paying special attention to those forms that appear to be most influential and/or popular today, including (1) games; (2) digital animation and special effects in feature films and television; (3) the web itself as a cultural medium; (4) new media art. Most of our time will be spent looking at examples of these forms and discussing their place as works of culture, art, and their relation to earlier related forms. A secondary theme of the class will arise from the new media criticism we will read, in which we will consider not just the question of the appropriate methods for new media criticism, but also try to understand what might be meant by the idea of new media itself. Taught primarily via discussion with some brief lectures and student presentations. Two major projects which include both written and oral aspects, and a minor paper or project. Prerequisites: one prior class in English, Media Studies, Art History, or an appropriate topic in another discipline, or permission of instructor. Open to second years and above.


Other Critical Writing (in Collab or online)

New Media (see Project Wiki)

Assignments and Evaluation (see Assignments for complete description)

Evaluation will be based on written exercises, presentations, and course participation as follows:


Week-by-Week Syllabus

Week 1. Introduction

Week 2. Defining New Media I

Week 3. Defining New Media II

Week 4. New Media in Animation

Week 5.New Media in Cinema

Week 6. New Media in Audio

Week 7. New Media in News & Politics


Week 8. Social New Media

Week 9. New Media in Art I

Week 10. New Media in Art II

Week 11. New Media in Art III

Week 12. Games I

Week 13. Games II

Week 14. Defining New Media III

Week 15. Final Class

All work for this course is due on the appropriate date indicated on the assigment sheets. There is no final exam for the course.

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