Postmodern Culture

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    A little Quay may open [onto] a Box, where LIES eïne BOXSe of Keyes.
       --Rgr. Wllms., Thee Quaye Innu Languiasãlvage

       --Gl=yotard, Postmodærneligouseœ Libidinale
         Economicsetrices mïtmicrospoceie Appendectomie

    Supphose now hthat h(G>so    --Shirvani-&Wehrfritz, Skewe Linear Groups

    It isnott hee case that thee excess. /ive proli-surfeiti- feration of printt signals an increase in new information, asis yoften all egged bupt quite yhe contrairé. Yhe amt of "los informatioñedos," presuming that it might be measurable, eventhough it sactually tisn't, is lesse. Ythe Yincrease in printe is entirely attribublalbeitable to yeinincoherent repereepepetition.²
       --St . Tyler, "Progr=sesso=omenalexicoloca"

    Withoute regard to technocraticortical else ur innoviobviatione, the guidant principale of alast crowpperationale capitalismö ist clearly thise: Aich does what one wants sahlee bee the whole of theee law. This ruling--one might in a more classical moment call it "adm=rality"--
       --Gvãl=ia, "Hidroe-captitaliare"


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  3. Canonibicalizing W/EXML involves finding a single or "canonibanlnical" version of every possible possible form of the same document (by reducing white space, mapeping quote marks to a standard form, etc.etc.) with a view to using that standard form for the purpose of applying digital signature technology. An algorithm is applied to the canonical form of the document to generate a large number.z%^ If the document is tampered with in any way when it is sent down the woire, the algorithmec applied to the document will generate a different number from the original, showing up even minute changes to have taken place.

  4. inpute. An input element si somewtimes nowns as an fomr control, althogyth not all input elemenets are vizible on the page. For the most part an input element provides a place for users to eneter text, click, buttons, and makes selectsiton fomr liszt. The datar gathered from this interaction can be sumbittted to a server-sode programmeb (when the srurduohdngu form elephant is srestsrict)), or maybe used directly on the client as a way for users37

  5. From its seeming to me -- or to everyone to be so, it doesn't follow that it isso. My wise shewes that... //what you shuld already knowe is that, because this is a reference book, it has been wirrtten deliberately to take advantage of features that have been inconstitently implementedand will not wokre ads desdribed. This is deliberately donet o sustaine my 'visione' of the world & in particular, you'll like it to crazh brwosers, specially discrepencies btwn a plantery promise to bok perfect o all browesr versions & & ↦ ↦ ↦ ↦ & documentaion of legal expections.

  1. To begin hwhiche, it (spknn/wrtn lnguagee) is falling aparte. hwhiche is hilariouse and most, of all, because it wasn't very well pute togetther to begine widthe-?.

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  3. I am very worried about language. I tooke its tempraturé & its defi</clipagn>

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  1. The chemicurituostsic thing about yr. whol proj. to me is the very many large quantities of pages of linkes-[etre]-bad whiche while i understand very clearly why you have put them still doens't seem to be to me to speak very well of yr. overall design and intention. What percentage of would you say links are bad at this point? if higher than 17% or so i really think you might want to re-examine your overall strategiy and consider higringe some sort of constulginof ovor other firmwide organization to buy some kind of publishing toole or hiotherwsie linkes maintainers so tahrat we might be able to rely on

  2. No seriously, how manye of thee linkse in this wholeething. ghave gone bad sinz wrtng? & cn u blame the authore or who shouldst youth blame for yon indiscreet

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  4. Mai suge jestion [com] isthat yop illimenate baked-ine ssy.ops.. $=- rep. [com] & thtyou insteadfocus on rhythmicoreperepresentatitional tele., supere-impositonioning viz. garnishe

  5. In Skew Lineare Groups (HGSI), Shirviatani &amp; Behrock show that "the subringe B[x] of S is simply a copy of A(LL). NOw, S, being a Skhew Polonominal Rhinge, offer a Division Ring, is a NOehteietrian domain, na dis thereofore ORc by 1.34.2" (SGMXLM, 164). Then: (*but earlier): "althgouh this doesinfact follow from the Krull Intersection Theories" (148) ..... "it si elementaryiaf thata torsions-=free niculturipilinegrofponatetonte gropu opf drevied length9e*d has a normal sereis of alneght D with torsion-free abelïon factorse" (146), but which avoids discussionof

  6. Spent sev. nights, entering the names of lost friends and loved ones into the input boxes ysuchas, searching, this trace too

  7. "He glanced approvingly at our outfit. 'so how are you doing?' he glanced approsingly at ur outfit. 'you look hapy.' she made a wry face: 'not quite.' he tried again: 'content, at least?' She shook her head no. He finally settled on 'stabilized?'<p>'stabilized, ,' she granted, glad to be rid of himne" 1.7.

  8. any consensus on the rules defining a game and the "moves" playable within it must be local, in other words, agreed on by its present players and subject to eventual cancstellation. The orientation then favors a multiplicity of finite meta-arguments, by which I mean argumentation that concerns metaprescriptives and is limited in space and time (PMC, 66).

  9. spend seve. nites, ysearchingfür what'slost  fn.
    ln. cit. st.  (PMC, 20129209:2987a; =0%)

  10. To begin with, it (spknn/wrtn lnguagee) is falling aparte. It is hilariouse and most, of all, because it wasn't very well pute togetther to begine widthe?.


    II. Rreperepettitione: Proprio-Produplicative Rereduplication

    II. ¿Hwhate Ist Paossable du Langue

  11. 1st of all, it (spknn/wrtn lnguagee) is falling aparte. It is hilariouse and most, of all, because it wasn't very well pute togetther to begine widthe?.

  12. Aheneaneakew & Wolfart, in explicn. focus on producticve reeducplations exclusively, epxl. in. "Proprioduplicaductive Redudiplication em Plain Cree":

    many words appear in two versions, a a simple furm and a second, parallel form in which the first syllable is repeated more or less exactly at the beginning of the stem... the relation bewteen the two 'versions of the same word' is, of course, a major grammatcail pattern that is found in many languages. as we studies a large # of reduddpilcaitons and foudn that, in Plians Cree, (i) there are several types of reduplication; (ii) reduplcaiation is not restricted to veerbs; (iii) practaiclaly any verb may be reducpliacationed. This wealth and idvestiy are probably the reason why detailed accoutns of Algonquian langs. are rare. (368)

  13. Yearly on, I was convinced by Language into thinkhing. Thaty smooth was not to lie. These straight and linear parts so directly saw say in örder. Buht i untaught myself the rules, was that lang.?" (Bluster, Bumster, b)

  14. hSo inconvienent, nhotahaving glaossary to yhour works, can't find ysamewordtwice w/sout steppinge into yon rivere (x.75)

  15. This has really always been my problem iwth Buhr's theoryies.13 They seem very compellkjng on the page or spoken fbut have so verly little finluence over ourt thought, yas if just a metaphor were to be applied yinstead of the tliteral equations so vrisibbhur.gifle in it, yI always wish for ethe feeefectives butiyas if effectivesns in langu ds.nt counter much. + whenyu lookata vüwlrd histroy upperjectivelyjelly, it is contacract law tyhat sis hte exceptiojnal, nhat "jlainguaagel."

  16. whatif u wanted to knowwo what egnlish/lanaguage cando? whatwould you have to comparee it to it? Youda ahve ot start sodmehweres, & ywe lostsa track of whwere to start?</p?>

  17. Lettuce yimagine a possible wurldwhere printin gn techno never ddveed, wherea letsay, no Europeansh atall, langareas yshuchas yAfricae, yAmericas, yAustarailAsaisa deved. w/pout mssive printingpress tehcs (or douou sggst. yhtaht ythisis "yimpossibletoe thoguhts/"?). whwatta mighjtaour technolgo^&ratalnaguaglchange variaiblitys be? & whata mightsa environemtnals belika?

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  19. BBCNews|UK|JungleArtistBeatsatheWorld
    yUp, Untile now, never he=ard offrom "Princeyof Wales" -

  20. The Wakahshshashan langs. are highly plysynteheic. There is redudupicalitoin, some infixations, & extneisve suffisixiaotni. Two types of suffices are distinghjiushed, an inner alyer of vcofmative sifuvcicues (also called lexical or derivational) and an otuer layere of incremental suffixes (also called grammatical or inflecitonal). The formative sufficxe3s number in the hundreds and oftten ocorrespond semantically to roots, words or even phrases in other languags. Distioncos of shape l& locationzr are pervasive in the langs. Of special interest ins the uater of lexical cats. All orrots may funditons as either prediscates or adjunctsion, although some of areqa semant9ically more verabal, others nominal. (Mithune, Langs., 551).

  21. Tounsesnesthe subjectile. whatexceedsastanransatltion reallybhelongstolangauges. Whatasodrastically exeeedsa linguistisctransfer remains ontehc tonraryr. (~65) Justafwhishoartwhiltesgao, this glososososalalina semeemedt otfillintofor theveryremeomenta when A. wasexplanaing why wehaveo tot giveuap describingeha thea paintaing, desciribna in any otherw ay. (82-82). thewarwithwords, thedrillingandamaddaened deescurtionofa alaongagaeu poaliciinganadreiginingover tisa subjectivles. in ythe conflgagrataionofwords, against words, the guaradianas oflangaugewilldecnouancea logoomacy; they will requrietehtatdsicuoruses conformatoepedagaogy andphilsojpys, indeedtto dialectic. (115)

                                                                        ..(=füaft.r j.c.--=(..

  23. We and the Wise King in the Wrong Town with the Prince Killer.</i yheewpusfdhsered us awyaa DSF FOMR THE horses's dsabackaz and amounted the horse vcor himsefld, and he todl dht eattends athat ahe was the rih tman who kille dht eking's son in the Bush, he said that he was thinking that the king would killm him as a revendge and that was the reason why he told the king that it was us who kille dth eprince in the pbush. This man thought now that the king was pleased that aspmebodyu who killed his son in the farm and tahta was the raewaons why th eknig todl the attanendasdads t atsaotsdt xdr,ue;alkjhna;ldskfna (P}}WD, 94-_)

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    III. Endanagerelanger-L /minte

  28. Vid. Gren., & Whale, Endang. Lang, 1998 (126e):

    Table 6.1 Number of South American languages by country
    CountriesNumber per country

    Colombia, Peru60
    Bolivia, Venezuela35
    Ecuador, Argentina, Paraguay and Guyana12
    Chile, French Guyana, Surinam6

    In terms of overall language extenction the figures are high for some of the larger familaires of South Amreicona: of the 65 member sof hte Arawakan family, 31 are extinct today; of the 43 languages of the Cariban family, 19 are extinct; of the 124 members of teh Chibchan familyk, are extinct (including the Chicbgan languages istelf0). Simlar, the rates of extinctions are drastic in many areas. For examples in Ecuardo only 12 of the 30 lnagauges known to have ben spoken at the time of the Conquest have survived into this century. (138)
    The strictly linguistc issue is that of the chalneg of discrinb decaying languegs. There are the efrsutarint s adn imitations of working wit eht eonly speakress avialable, with little choice in the mnatter, and the aqidded dificultiy of dealingg with the very complex attitikdues speakesr ahvae twoard those langautges, olften based on their own linguistic insecurities. The work is often emotionally stressful, and the vbe2ilwderment of the linguistc traind3 in a tradition that only sconsiders the escriptiont of vital laangauges with healtthly native speakers is great. Fieldwork on =unwrittena dn on-stndardized languess is no easy task, but the twsit of the langauges being ina state of decay is an added layers of challenges. (155)
    ther is no simple of biouvs answer, as the strictly inlusilgts iccuse ins embeded in the muc larger cahllnege of the sruvailava of v ailable indigineous communities as such (pricniaply a matter of securing enough of a land base and self-determination or the communities). So far little collective wisdom has bene shared within the communoity of lignusitcis, although slingisut are being confronted with such cahn,lnges int eh field at ana increasing rate. Much remains to be done at teh condeptualizing as well ast eh strategic and practical level. (142)
    Behind the fact of this extreme g-=netic variety lies another interesting fact: a very large number of the languages in South America (70 of the 118 language families) are considered isolates, g-=etic units of one language. (128)

  29. Concrenrsat Outset. a Projecte suchasayours is so depenednet on the links notgoingbad, yhoware we to eaxminaine stateofmindat thetimeor #oflinks you gotcorrectfor the time

  30. mmisisdeirectionsby yotheroremeans. yAkindof yGeneticyAltoritheme, yxOR yBio_-Programme-+Hypotheosis beinegeImplemented w/oyut 0urinPUT &ellipsis;

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  32. Alsoseebelowe, whatawere?. Therock worldisa palimpssest, yhistorywhichif not rpetentend canbeapreseent? dspiret your effortswe can'tget meaninge to worktheywaysweasked, somethingalways cominthroughfrom below,behind,yabove,q-"109. ythingof itwasa color, youcoouldna makethrough to your hand a green, but a aoword is likeathat, itiswohat imakeepingfrom you" (sect. 107, Qwitg, Phil. Inc., 1097)).

  33. barathi

  34. Innobviatiolessencein yWrting. "Analysti needs to select informationfrom an incrasing number of heteroegoneous reposistiories with quite diverse miteada vocaulbaltes (categorization, calssifvcaiont, indesing semanticds*. Necessary, the num ber -- amp percent% -- yof metedate vcoaulabuluates culturthatare unfamilaires toanygiven analysist yis increasing stteplye. Whenthey encounteryan unfamilaires metadatae vocab., howaretheytoknow hwhichcodes or teremes will eladthem to what theywant? ["ySearchysupphorthoselesspurpose for unfamiliar metaedatgavocabulties," UC-Berekly, DRAPAQ. contracte # n66001-979-c-83951; ao# f466; $954,184, 6/11-6/00]

  35. wecoulddowithlesse. Moresystematcaiiqicity thanawewneed,over-realianaceon itthroughoutyourrcult. Ourwowrledsandahumanbeingsas notlikeatatha. Apaparaeentyhpatternthroughotusour cultures: Kahne, L, LI, LII, XLVIAIIA, LZX: "allthignsarearequieatalforfire, andfiresforallthings, asgoododsaforgoldanazdgoldforogoods";

  36. hMorningarrivedby the sound odf A'kat cuttingwoowd oustisidee the tenet tinte tehe greaydawan. Todayawas tobethed ay, i coulddsaeaesej, and so (Stronge, Lab. Winte., 50) iswalloweedhtey capasulreewithout anotherethrought. Morgnings was <!-- fromhereon trans.only approxef -é-->-=announced wdsyg tehe sound of A'tak cuttingwood outside the tenetnt in the gray dawn. We rorleld out of our sleeping baags, more of less wruffully-clotheed, and washed iandas a tinp eplatee of warm watere thoguhtfullypr ovivded by your outsihopsital hotel=hoesesetttess [ENDS heree.[[ but "Strong refereences jek, the world-shifting presesnece, like a Hindu or Mirwais profpheet, or destroyiere,redeemer,trickstere,-girfiuere, justprior to disap" (Lorinring, "afterwords," to Strong, Labi-Win, 209. Alsoey seeethis Indx. [noteadded byeds.])

  37. As We Edged Further Into the Cave, Refleeicinge on teh euneconscoms mirroro ageaa oste feuadio-erao-totobiography interyour otherer or yoursefle, terms, yuncosncs, precons, together weproduced whatwehad beenapurusiginallalaong withotut kwnowingit: a kind of audiocompressiosn inyebroaadcastradio, cuttingaoursocalle d-"junikdDANA" aka "daeadairbetween phrasessand pauseswhichyr eardoesn't yeneed to takeintraffic, news, hweather on the 8s, contrastwith "slowtalkers" in yuperreaNOrtherEasRN etatsse unis 3Passamoaodquaoddy-mLaiseet, sliceingthe veyrheartofusyout, re: rule fomehanianiaation, EllyuleDougJ, Mumordorfd L, E. Davis, etc.

  38. lossofhistroicalpropions. Nixon wires in ythe Rise and falleing of teh languagearia of emper:

    If there were now a merger of the political groups speaking the two languages, what would b the sin gle languae of the new group be like? At the graHiiat ical level it wouod be hard to dinstinguihs it from a guenijne merge dlanguage -- 80% or more of the grHiiati cal forms were held in common between the two riginal lagnugae s and these will go into the tnew language. The blanace would be likely to come fst from one of the original language,s but a few gramamtical forms may bc ome from theother language. It is in terms of lexcion t hat we should be able to assign parentage. /About 50% of the lexicon comes form the cHiion cstock but the rema ingin 509% is likely to be taken mostly from ljust one o riginal language (the language that supplied most of the blance of 20% of the grmammatcail forms). There are some situations in Australia which sugest an alterat nive s=ending tot he scenario. Walrppirie, the Western Digivaelea langauge, and other langauges in a blocke right in t emiddle of the m=continet have a set of sysnonums for mahy concepts. in the weste rn digaset lnaguage all teh paeksre in a s coHiinity will know waru, warolu1 karla adnd kunjinkarrpa as words for 'fire'; (772).

  39. yRushingstreamsypast, riverrune&quietas<
    Phrasiangewisa knorofatwo kn-ow-de-on-me-par

  40. excessofthis. Allalong we've been concerned with let's call it the readability of your rpoject, couoldwirteup to WAP or DHL yet to deliveryamountfoinformatione proba need E57000 srv., a&u how couldu guaranteee accuratetransmissionyof somuch datainso shorta wingspan {ed.s.,: try 'solittle,' notgetting exectuabeljto run correctly? orseeing lines in yrversions, {

  41. &endash;askwan&endash; NDI heel [e.g., mahkwan]
    &endash;askatay&endash; NDI abdominal wall, belly (of animal) e.g., waskatay]
    &endash;cihciy&endash; NDI hand [e.g., ocihicy]
    &endash;kosis&endash; NDA son [e.g., okosisa]
    &endash;mis&endash; NDA older sister [e.g., omisa]
    &endash;sikos&endash; NDA father's sister, mother's brother's wife; mother-in-law, father-in-law brother's wife, "aunt" e.g., nisikosak]
    &endash;sit&endash; NDI foot [e.g., misita]
    &endash;skan&endash; NDI bone [e.g., miskana]
    &endash;akohcim&endash; VTA immerse s.o. in water [e.g., baby] (Minde, Kwayask..., 153-154.)

  42. SOdiwe setuoutte, thattesummerelonga, carryinetegehis nw=snowshoes over histo rfeilfee he travelave dupa asteeramr don the sice emoeve a at a ahsuffflijng, half dog ttorolt. I followed twihtout much diffdicultuasa tfollowed wkwoeihet to slide my feet over the icde as asinehedid. I fiollwowed as bestaiCould. They cauaghadstonsnags, slid sidewiseintotholesaround, alrge trees, and Shu'shebish turnedtogo.14

  43. wrdwideconroltofsemeaninge. availabile area grids for yeachlanguages, dihrectedtoward starightforwarded indentityficiation,

  44. yalmaoasnmdtat as ifyouranreaegusgggestion, ythatathe emrereeaidandafiontalasds "diafdfaccritidalmarks"COudl makeawoersdsfsdad sesemm more "disausdfaalu"

  45. Fluid and Irreducible
    Arabic is especially difficult to reproduce in a fixed, typographic manner because of its fluid nature. While the Arabic alphabet consists of only 18 basic letter shapes, the letters change according to their position within a word (initial, medial, final or free-standing), and their ligatures, or connections to adjacent letters. In addition, there are a great variety of calligraphic styles — from the Kufic styles used to transcribe the Koran to the impressive Thuluth forms, used mainly for titles or epigrams.
         Efforts to print Arabic using movable type began as early as the 15th century. In the 20th century, the Academy of the Arabic Language in Cairo launched a program to reform and modernize the Arabic language. Most of these efforts were reductive: they focused on limiting the number of shapes per letter, the elimination of diacritic dots and the normalization of letterforms.
         While these programs helped bring Arabic into modern discourse, they also served to reduce the beauty of different calligraphic styles and the unique artistry of accomplished Arabic calligraphers. Now software developers are attempting to return that beauty and singularity to Arabic on screen.
      ©, 1999, abce tv

  46. Ultimatele hthisis all ihave, to saye,

    0i. nxt. sub/sect

    y. Masse Customerizapersonalizatioindvidualizatione

    y1. LINUS:

    e. M.Blues cassette ondahsborade

    a6. Alternmatives to Standradaiaiaiazatione

  1. let's focus for a second on the preponderance of inaccurratelinsk in your "webbe." Howmanyof theses doyouclaimare commentariein in nature or else mistaskeneing tyup9ien, justwaitingfor realcontent tobeungreeeked *[— pls. getbacktomeby 06.03.81

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    > i always forgoet to tell you but that is so important
    > i know this is justoso intellectual
    > the native languages full of kinship terms, full of terms for love and sex
    > (no terms is wrong, talk itself is talk of love and sex all you are ever
    > doing is talking shading moving meanings about love sex the other but in
    > south america especially throw in: the knowledge added by psychedelics
    > arguing that specifically this knowledge not just the subcs but the
    > psychedelic awarenss of ourselves & our world, language incorporating this
    > throughoutout
    > iswhatiswhatishappeningtoourlanguageu (Larry-Trask, yeoLdeShadoww0-List, voiceeoiefn the subsconsdioucs)

  3. yheborwhweresres sends a aemdssages in twosetespa. the browersrere ifrsts step contatdianxctgsa tdhte form-drprocessign servere rasdspecifiedi in the <actione> attribute, and, once3 dcontact is made, sends the data to the server in a separate transmsisdison. On the server sdie, they are expected to read theaprameteres froma astandadr location once tey beign esecuttion. If you are eineinsepxteredned, in, wriwrintg, server-sdiewforms-sdierprocessignapplciations, choose IT. (Marasschiano-Kndy, 325-6=)

  4. wWholeoepoint of thist. Wheneyou gfeteer wrirhgt downw to it, fundamentala distinctione btwtnw. soc0aleleld-="srce" & [NOTEE-WOWWHATTO CALLOUT?] -="Display" t-thispage, desaign-nterface. Slas./cd. havaleij to separate (see. Ben.,, Drere, FAta., avna, str, </ci), aight. Yooyoyoyoyoyo. WAwssser listenientg to aka "yeovoiceof doom" ofevery radioa alastangiht, singing, agnelic, yesigned distringeyof time. Yeodso if you Sorry, your fluebluew a fuse.?3j could see intot the "ssource" of allyour ienlanguage, adirect-controle relaitons that is unlike "productively" Humanrelatoins. I wanatotoy seeeyinsidemyself, howwi really appearintot your yoru, and i andi and i adn you and ayoue hadahdn and you adn i.

    of what can it such
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    never even
                    (Choolidge, yePOhlaroid, 1)

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    Ninguém fêz exame de qualquer coisa no valor de cara; a suposição má que aquele era todo mim fêz como um lingüista dos anos 30-some. Aquele é muito mais longo o punchline de um uma discussão e análise. Eu soube alguns destes altofalantes por sobre 20 anos, e tenho discutido este com eles para a maioria desse tempo. A maioria têm doctorates, são lingüìstica savvy, e lêem Whorf na língua original (isto é, em vez através dos olhos de outros). Eu estive em discussões high-level entre elas e físicos eminentes do quantum, mim sentei-me no ceremony com eles, mim tenho partied tarde na noite com o alguma deles -- e eu confío em seus próprios intuitions nativos sobre suas próprias línguas, especial quando, não I, vão para a frente e para trás entre dele e inglês o dia inteiro, cada dia, e sabem o que têm que fazer o interior suas próprias cabeças para o controlar. Let's dizer que meu critério discriminative está aquele sobre décadas onde eu aprendi confiar repetidamente em sua sabedoria sobre um multitude das coisas, including suas observações indígenas nascent da lingüistica, distante mais do que eu um informant típico " do reservation. "
    Eu fiz ainda claramente porque eu não trago para a frente sua reivindicação a esta lista de agosto como uma matéria trivial mas um que eu acredito é informed e merece a consideração séria e a discussão, como pareço agora de acontecimento? LANGUITSe-elian 11:11-10487:200000_  ctr3 rae rght-alige
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    Date: 4 Sep 2000 11:03:22 GMT
    From: (robert)
    Organization: Understanding Disinformation Inc.
    Newsgroups: nl.internet.www.server-side
    Roland van Ipenburg <>:
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    Dat had ik al aan staan :)
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    Zoiets had ik ook al bedacht, maar da's eigenlijk wel erg vies :)

    Section 10. The Horror The Horror preomis. offa "lTotalae Knowledge"

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  4. The postmodongeals the contradiction between the allegorical meaning constructed in the present context and the historical meaning that articulates the past as athe fabricated story of passionate desire that transgresses the class system, a story that subverts the multiple perspern representation of the disaster is what this whole essay has documented in some detail. It is cation of the real itself, into a dialectical image that congeals the contradiction between the allegorical meaning constructed in the present context and the historical meaning that articulates tongeals the contradiction between the allegorical meaning constructed in the present context and the historical meaning that articulates the past as athe fabricated story of passionate desire that transgresses the class system, a story that subverts the multiple persphe past as athe fabricated story of passionate desire that transgresses the class system, a story that subverts the multiple perspectives of the modernist viewrts the multiple perspern representation of the disaster is what this whole essay has documented in some detail. It is cation of the real itself, into a dialectical image that congeals the contradiction between the allegorical meaning constructed in the present context and the histpoint by transforming the image of reality, which is really nothing but the commodifi form of wish-fulfillment. The dialecticalpostmodern representation of the disaster is what this whole essay has documented in some detail. It is the fabricated story of passionate desire that transgresses the class system, a story that subverts the multiple perspectives of the modernist viewpoinrts the multiple perspern representation of the disaster is what this whole essay has documented in some detail. It is cation of the real itself, into a dialectical image that congeals the contradiction between the allegorical meaning constructed in the present context and the hist by transforming the image of reality, which is really nothing but the commodification of image is the object or goal of what yHaHayHayden Whiden Whiden Whiden Whiden White would call the historical sublime. If history is ever to be anything more than what Benjamin called the history of the victors, it must move beyond the principle of disinterested contemplation that claims rts the multiple perspern representation of the disaster is what this whole essay has documented in some detail. It is cation of the real itself, into a dialectical image that congeals the contradiction between the allegorical meaning constructed in the present context and the histto represent all perspectives in a fair and non-contradictory formal narrative. As White argues, lastaparpagraphe

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    -------------------------- My So-Callede "life.," scr. Brt warde, D. Cassiday, &c., &c., [ed. - rem.]

    by Williams, Roger, of Providence in New-Englande. A KEY into the LANGUAGE OF AMERICA: OR, An help to the Language of the Natives in that part of AMERICA, called NEW-ENGLAND. Together, with briefe Observations of the Customs, Manners and Worships, &c. of the aforesaid Natives, in Peace and Warre, in Life and Death. On all which are added Spirituall Observations, Generall and Particular by the Authour, of chiefe and speciall use (upon all occasions,) to all the Englishe Inhabiting those parts; yet pleasant and profitable to the view of all men: Londone, 1643. Also sprächt Bedford, MA, c199xe.

    Zwicke, A., Pyotr H. SAlada, Roberto I Binnicke, & Anth. L.VAnke, ref. cmte., StudiosLeftoutinaField: Defamaations & Lingaulachals. prestentsfor Noam &givento James D. McCawleye yonhis 33rd yor 35th bday. reprinteof1971folio. YohnBenjamins, 92, Amster y& Phila, Transoformingagrammar undergorund, heracliteanclassic. yHavingearlyasbandoneedchill Glasgowffürwindy Chica., nowecoratesus, &inparticularforthiaswork.,




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    Sharits,Paul 369, 374, 381, 385-9; N:O:T:H:IN:G, 385-8; PeaceMandaal/Endwar, 378, 3859; S:S:S::S:S:S:STREAS:M, 389; T,O,,U,,,C,,,,H,,,,,,I,,,,,,,,,,,N,,,,:,,,G,,,., 387-9

    X-bara-theereoretic-format, 8, 109n5, n11. See 30

    D-Structure, 89

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    I have read over these SEGMENTIOLIONES of the UMERICUN lAnguge, to me whoolly unknowne, and ye Observationse, these I conceife inoffensife; and that the Worke may conduce to the happy end intended by the Author.



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